Applied to ˿Ƶ or thinking about ˿Ƶ?  

Review the Transfer Policies page to better understand how ˿Ƶ evaluates courses for transfer, how credit is applied to programs, the kinds of institutions from which credit is granted, credit by examination, foreign credential evaluations, military credit, and other non-traditional learning environments.

You can also search our to see if a course you have taken or plan to take will transfer to ˿Ƶ, along with the equivalent ˿Ƶ course number.  This database is regularly maintained and updated.

If you are currently attending a community college, you may want to check out our Articulation Agreements site.  Your current college may have an agreement with ˿Ƶ for a program-to-program transfer.

Current ˿Ƶ student needing to take a course elsewhere?

There are two ways a current student can take a course off-campus:

  • Off-Campus Permission or Standard Transfer
  • Cross-Registration

The Current Student site provides detailed information on both options, along with the forms you need for each option.

If you want to simply take a course elsewhere during a summer or January term (Standard Transfer), you'll need to have the course approved by either your advisor or your advisor and an appropriate Department Chair, by submitting a signed Permission for Off-Campus Course form.   You may want to check out the Find Course Equivalencies site to see if the course you're interested in has been pre-approved for ˿Ƶ credit; if so, then only your advisor needs to sign the form.  You will also need to pass the course with a minimum grade of C; this grade is not factored into your ˿Ƶ GPA.

One basic distinction between Off-Campus Permission and Cross-registration is that cross-registered courses will appear on your ˿Ƶ transcript as a ˿Ƶ course, and the grade earned will factor into your GPA.  As long as you are full-time at ˿Ƶ, you can cross-register for an additional course up to 18 credits total in a Fall or Spring semester at any of 14 local consortium colleges at no additional tuition charge.  All this information and more including course schedules from other institutions, calendar for cross-registration, and cross-registration, etc., can be found on the Cross-Registration site.