˿Ƶ Public Square Rendering

We are excited about the announcement of the ˿Ƶ Public Square!

After graduation, crews removed the large parking lot between Dun Scotus Hall and the John R. Yurtchuk Student Center. When students return for the Fall semester, they will be greeted by a stunning new green space in the heart of the campus. This transformative project, the ˿Ƶ Public Square, marks a significant milestone for our campus.

The creation of the ˿Ƶ Public Square embodies our unwavering dedication to sustainability and the safety of our students. This endeavor goes beyond mere aesthetics; it signifies our commitment to preserving the environment and nurturing the well-being of our community. It reflects our core values and desires to leave a lasting legacy.

To support the ˿Ƶ Public Square project, choose President's Excellence Fund in the drop-down menu below.

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˿Ƶ University Office of Institutional Advancement