Welcome Nursing Alumni! 

We are happy to keep you in touch with you, our Nursing Alumni, on the latest happenings here at ˿Ƶ and in our Department.As we continue to keep you updated on job opportunities and events that we will be hosting, the connection to the ˿Ƶ website will also allow you to connect with ˿Ƶ grads in various other professional fields as well.

Now that you are in practice, this is a great opportunity for you to reconnect with folks in your subspecialty or broaden your healthcare network. We would love to hear from you!

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Learn more about Pi Zeta, the ˿Ƶ chapter of Sigma Theta Tau: the International the Nursing Honor Society. If you were not inducted during your time as a student, you can petition to join as a nurse leader. This organization offers education opportunities, networking interactions and ongoing connection with the university. Discover more via .

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The Nursing Student Association is managed by faculty Janice Hobba-Glose jglose@daemen.edu and Veronica Valazza vvalazza@daemen.edu. Reach out to learn more.